Camara skills training network is a federally registered charitable nonprofit organization, focused primarily to the introduction of the industrial vocational trades (TVET) to at risk youth male and female from the high priority inner city communities in the greater Toronto area of Ontario.
Our outreach focus is in three main groups of clients;
Youth male and female 18 to 29
Youth male and female grades 9 to 12
Children male and female  grades 3 to 8
The organizations mandated goal is to introduce the industrial trades to at risk youth male and female as an option for a career field, we  also promote science through engineering to  younger children in the community to help stop the fear of science in these youngsters in the community.
Our programs foster interactive participation by utilizing facilitative teaching methods that include the use of models of engineering components, theory and practical demonstrations.
Counseling and mentoring are also key complementary links in our programs by working with the youth and their families.
Our Services 

We provide introductory course to pre-apprentices programs in the Industrial vocational trades, with theory and practical training for inner city youth.
Included in the program is a associated counseling and mentoring section.
We also have a after school programs these programs are focused to the introduction of Science through Engineering, the program teaches science using associated every day engineered components and models that are built and designed by the experts at CSTN to show the science in engineered components.

Skills are what we teach, a career using these skills are what we promote, there are many industrial vocations available take a look, Link 
Science is the Theory, Engineering is the practice, let CSTN  show you and enlighten  your youngsters not to fear the science of what they use every day..Link
Our Programs

  • Introduction to Machining
  • Introduction to Millwright
  • Introduction to Welding
  • Introduction to HVAC
  • Introduction to Electrical
  • Introduction to Auto Mechanics
  • Counseling and Mentoring
  • Science through Engineering 
How to start an apprenticeship

Mentoring and Counseling 
Science through Engineering